Company Story

Show the World You Mean Business.

We are entrepreneurs just like you and realized most energy drinks out there have 1 major flaw - they make you crash hard.

That’s 100% backwards for something that is supposed to give you energy. You don’t want to your brain roaring like a monster for a couple of hours just so you can hibernate like a beast.

You don’t need your heart beating out of your chest like you're running up 86 flights of stairs at the Empire state building. No, you need pure focus and sustained energy. The type of insane concentration that moves you a step closer to making your dreams come true.

Are you the type of person born with an innate hustle flowing through your body? Then Bitcoin Energy is the drink for you. Don’t let the crash created by other energy drinks steal what the only thing you can’t get back, your time.

Are you the type of person that gives it 100% no matter what?

Then you are in the right company and we happily welcome you to the Bitcoin Energy Family.

As We Grind We Grow… and We Give Back.

We know that a little help can go a long way. That’s why we decided to give Bitcoins back to those that help this company grow. Just to put it in perspective, if Redbull ran our program they would have already awarded 610,000 Bitcoins to the people who drink it (yes, six hundred ten thousand).

Cheers to Your Ever Growing Success.

ps. Never Stop Grinding.